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Stainless Fuel pump pivot pins

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Replacements for the easily lost fuel pump pins. Stock pins (especially non-solex brand pumps) typically loosen with age and fall out, usually on a dark highway in the middle of the night. These pins are machined from stainless steel, and designed to be fully retained without any chance of failure. Easy install and instructions provided.

$10ea shipped anywhere in US/Canada
Multiple pins per package save on shipping, please inquire
International orders are no problem, please inquire on shipping charges.
Quantity discounts at 20 pcs+

In stock and ready to ship

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Welded bus spindles

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Hybrid offset welded spindles. Custom made to your drop spec (2.5-5.5″)

$335 if you send both bus and porsche spindles

Core charges apply if you aren’t sending in any cores, please inquire

4″ spindle

5″ spindle

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Link Pin Beams – DYI Parts

Friday, December 14th, 2012

LP uprights ($40pr):
-exact machined for 2″ OD tube
-machined body mounts for stock M10 bolt
-tube offsets like stock (bottom tube is deeper into upright that upper)
-supplied in kit form, you weld the body mount on

No shock tower side plates ($40pr)
-3/8″ thick
-Available in solid or drilled pattern
-Exact fit on 2″ tube

Add tube/adjusters and you can proudly make your own beam.

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Link Pin Beams

Friday, December 14th, 2012

-Jig welded with one piece DOM tubes and 3/8″ laser cut end plates; just like how Ferdinand would have done it
-Body mounts like OEM with steering stabilizer mount; just like how Ferdinand would have done it
-Metric grease fittings for long term durability; just like how Ferdinand would have done it
-Narrowed 5″ and adjusters set to slam your beast; probably not how Ferdinand would have done it
-Machined Prothane one piece bushings so there is no fiddling around on your end to make the trailing arms fit like butter.

$295 (no showck towers)

$330 with shock towers, upto 3.75″ Narrow

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Super and heavy duty tierods

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

With performance brake and wheel options, stock tie-rods are prone to bending that can lead sloppy handling. Turning those big wheels and tires isn’t easy. The stock tie-rods were designed for 4″ wide wheels and 165 tires. Not too many of us still run that setup, so why run the stock tie-rods?

Super Duty tie rods are manufactured from DOM tubing and feature a 60% thicker tube wall when compared to stock tie-rods. Standard (Bug) tie-rod ends can be used, and lock nuts are supplied with the kit. Flats are machined into the outer end to allow for a 19mm wrench, which avoids the use of pliers on the outside of the tie rod shaft when locking the jam nuts. The super duty’s are designed for competition use. All T1 applications are priced at $C65/pair (with jam nuts).

Heavy Duty tie rods are also constructed from DOM tubing. This tie rod provides a 14% greater wall thickness over stock without being excessively heavy. Both ends are knurled for an easy grip when adjusting. Unlike the super duty’s, a flat is not machined in the end. Heavy duty tie-rods are perfect for a performance street car.

If your foot is excessively heavy or you are too enthusiastic in the corners, then VdubEngineering recommends the Super Duty’s. All T1 applications for $C55/pair with jam nuts. We can fulfill any size (ie narrowed beams etc.)

NOTE: Custom applications can be fulfilled; sandrails, T2’s, etc…please inquire.

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Super Beetle strut bar

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

This is the easiest and cost effective way to improve the handling of your super beetle by tieing together the strut towers to eliminate flex and the dreaded camber changes that go with. Installation is easy and they come pre-assembled ready to go. Since not all cars are the same, this brace allows easy adjustment using left and right hand heim joint while installed. Constructed of a solid aluminum cross bar and steel plates, the design insures double shear loading on the heim joint as well as full trussing of the mounting plate to insure stiffness, yet non loaded sections are windowed to promote weight savings. All hardware is properly graded for the application and fully plated for long life and good looks. No alterations, or drilling is required for installation; this brace is bolt on and picks up on all three strut mounting studs. Will fit all years of super-beetles.

And with our left and right hand rod ends, the strut bar fits with no shimming. Installations takes less than 10 minutes.

Once installed you will notice a more positive steering feel and increased chassis stiffness. All this leads to greater driver confidence and pleasure.

Includes: 2 strut caps (LH and RH), Cross tube with rod ends and jam nuts.

Fits all 71-79 Super Beetles – $c150

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