944 Ebrake adapters

944 Rear emergency brake clip.

This kit included everything you need to adapt 944 emergency brake assembly to your stock beetle handbrake cable. They are compatible with either the 944NA or 944T brakes. The clips are CAD designed and laser cut for a perfect fit.

With these clips you will never have to fuss with custom made cables, or crimp-on cable ends that can break with use. By using stock beetle cables you insure a strong quality cable that is easily available.

Also included are extensions that marry the stock beetle handbrake cable end to the 944 tubular pieces. You will need to use the 944 steel tube (piece about 100mm long). See here for more details regarding 944 rear brake conversions.

The kit includes 2 ‘swan’ ebrake clips and 2 extensions, both finished in a durable black coating.

If you don’t have the stock 944 tube, order part VDE-010-036 which includes one piece aluminum tubes and swans for the early 944NA backingplate.

Kit’s for the 944 aluminum arms contain only the 2 swan clips. The stock beetle cable end can be slightly filed down to fit directly into the aluminum arm.

.Technical Specifications:

Part Number Application What’s included?
Early_half 83-85.5 944 removable backingplate 2 swans and 2 extensions $C36
Late 86+ Aluminum 944 IRS arm 2 swans $C30
Early_full 83-85.5 944 removable backingplate One piece aluminum tube and 2 swans for beetle $C50

Bus $c55


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