955 Brakes on Dropped BJ spindle


This kit adapts 955 (Cayenne) rotors and calipers to CB disk spindles (BJ). This is the latest application in our billet hub series. This hub utilises stock T1 bearings and seals. Due to the caliper design, the spindles require clearancing. Billet dust caps are included and are machined for a square speedometer drive.

The kit includes two billet hubs, two caliper brackets, machining to customer supplied spindles and all required hardware.


Technical Specifications:

Disk 350mmx34mm (Porsche 955)
Caliper Fixed, 6-piston axial mount Brembo
Hub Billet
Spindle CB Disk BJ
Offset change (side) +33.8mm/side
Bolt pattern 5-130mm
Part Number

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