944 na 4Bus

944 Brake Kit for T2’s

This kit adapts early normally aspirated (NA) Porsche 944 front brakes
to a type II (T2) spindle.

The kit includes bearing spacers which are required to mount the Porsche
hub to the T2 spindle. The bearing spacers are manufactured from 6061T6
aluminum. The 944 hub is unmodified and uses standard 944 (same as T2)
bearings. The hub, disk and caliper are standard 944 items and are not
included in the kit. The caliper bracket is manufactured from steel and
bolts to the stock spindle with no spindle modifications.

The kit includes 2 inner bearing spacers,2 outer bearing spacers, 2 caliper
brackets, all required hardware (metric Grade 10.9) and special grease

(Components included in kit are pictured on left. Mounted disk and caliper
on T2 spindle.)

Technical Specifications:

(For reference only; hub, caliper and rotor are not included in kit).

Disk 282mmx20.4mm 282mmx20.4mm
Caliper Sliding, Single 54mm Piston Sliding, Single 54mm Piston
Hub Modified 944NA Modified 944NA
Spindle T2 63.5-67 T2 68-70
Offset change (side) ? ?
Bolt pattern 5-130mm 5-130mm
Part Number VDE-010-025 VDE-010-025

(For 71-79 BJ Bus, Use 68-70 drum spindle and above kit.)

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